Action I Multi-language Talking Translator

This is another attractive product after the launching of Vision
Talking Dictionary by Wisdom Computer Center.

There are 6 CDs in this series product:
(1) Chinese-English (2) English-Chinese (3) English-Malay (4)Malay-English
(5) Chinese-Malay (6) Malay-Chinese

This software is developed in Malaysia by Wisdom Computer Center. Malaysia is
the only place in the world where the three languages is spoken and being widely

(1) Capable of translation of simple sentences and even articles beside serving as a dictionary.
(2) Highlight phrase to check the meaning, to edit or append.
(3) Highlight words to give real human voice pronunciation.
[Screen Shot]

Chinese Pronunciation Features
(1) Capable of handling characters with variation in pronunciation.

Operating Requirements
(1) Windows 98, 95 or 3.X
(2) GB Chinese System: Chinese Star, Twin Bridge, Richwin and etc.
(3) Multimedia : Sound Card and speakers
(4) At least 60 MB hard disk space for installation.

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