Action II Multi-language Talking Translator

Finally, Action Talking Translator has come up with a brand new core technology of grammar-based interface. With this, the often low-accuracy of Machine Translation shall be put to an end.

You need not to be a linguist in order to construct a sentence pattern. Just highlight the intended text to show its structure generated by this system, then rearrange the order by clicking buttons and save the pattern.

In the process of pursuing a perfect translation, a good translator will always tend to add extra words, delete unwanted ones, or make some modifications. This is the right tool for you.

The application is capable of assigning the correct attribute of words which carry multiples of meanings like verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs by following certain rules. It can handle various conjugations of verb or nouns thus reducing of the size of the dictionary.

Wording interface is also available. Some verbs and nouns are better replace with other equivalents under certain circumstances in order to achieve a good and smooth translation.

The sentence structure database is open for modification and as well as appendation. As the size of entries increases, a high accuracy of translation will be expected.

We strongly believe that the size of electronic-dictionary database do not determine the quality and accuray, only grammar does.

We have so far compiled a database of 4500 ++ sentence structure. (Eng-Chi-Mal-Jap)

Here are some sample structures of English-Japanese translation (notes: words without brackets are key words of the structure, whereas those with brackets are the particular words , we have more 100 different key words)

eg. 1 3 to 4 months

num to num time

3 から 4 まで月

num から num2 まで time

eg. 2 Beijing Daily

capi (daily)


capi 日刊

eg. 3 he went to Japan last week

pron v nati time


Here are some sample structures of English-Malay translation

eg. 1 a father of five

(a-father-of) num

seorang bapa kepada lima orang anak

(seorang) (bapa) (kepada) num (orang) (anak)

eg. 2 baby dog

(baby) anm

anak anjing

(anak) anm

eg. 3 football fan

games (fan)

peminat bolasepak

(peminat) games

eg. 4 become fatter and fatter

(become) adj_er and adj_er

menjadi semakin gemuk

(menjadi) (semakin) adj_er

eg. 5 throw them away

(throw) pron (away)

membuangkan mereka

(membuangkan) pron

eg. 6 fire 2 shots into the air

(fire) num (shot) (into-the-air)

melepaskan 2 tembakan ke udara

(melepaskan) num (tembakan)(ke) (udara)

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