Vision II Multilingual Talking Dictionary

Better Pronunciations and Information

Go for Vision II Talking Dictionary

It's Multilingual, Practical and Affordable!

A brand-new Vision II with a bigger size of vocabulary, Cantonese pronunciation, beautiful graphics and many other features is available now! Learn English, Chinese, Malay and Cantonese with Vision II, it's so easy and full of funs.

This software is developed in Malaysia by Wisdom Computer Center. Malaysia is the only place in the world where the three languages are spoken and being widely used.

The CD has 3 built-in dictionaries. (1) Chinese-English-Malay (70,000 words) (2) English-Chinese-Malay (50,000 words) and (3) Malay-Chinese-English (30,000 words), meant to meet the need of all.

1. Auto recognition of language input

2. Menus available in English, Chinese and Malay

3. Real human voice pronunciation, adjustable speed

4. Selectable of language pronunciation

5. Repeating the pronunciation

6. Auto reading of vocabulary

7. Classification of vocabulary like idioms, verb, adjective and so on.

8. Adjustable font sizes

9. Auto saving of desired setting

10. A Demo of funtion buttons

Chinese Pronunciation Features
1. Capable of handling characters with variation in pronunciation

2. Toggle between Mandarin and Cantonese

3. A complete Chinese Reader which reads text files

4. Provide both GB and Big5 versions

Malay Pronunciation Features
1. Toggle between BAKU and PASAR pronunciations

2. Handling word with prefixes and suffixes

Operating Requirements
1. Windows 98, 95 or 3.1

2. Chinese Display (1)GB Coding: Chinese Star, Twin Bridge, Richwin and so on

(2)BIG5 Coding: Cwin

3. Multimedia : Sound Card and speakers

4. At least 5 MB hard disk space for installation

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